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Nashville Security Agency is a Tennessee contract security company that takes pride in its ability to provide outstanding service to its clients by utilizing solid industry practices, aggressive recruiting to find outstanding officers, custom training platforms to ensure complete client coverage and satisfaction, and holds its individual officers to unparalleled standards. The company was created in 2011 to combat the ever increasing lack of professionalism seen in the Nashville area by existing companies providing unacceptable levels of service and protection. NSA overcomes this by performing custom risk assessments for potential clients and then trains the officers it employs to provide tailored, professional, and courteous service. Businesses no longer have to accept overly aggressive or non-productive officers who are unaware of the scope of responsibilities required to provide a safe environment for its patrons and employees.

NSA also utilizes highly trained and dedicated supervisory staff to mentor and provide accountability for each of the officers on client locations. In the past, it has become the practice of some companies to merely place an officer on post and assume that he or she is performing the duties necessary to complete the task at hand, only becoming aware of issues if the client complains. Nashville Security Agency will not allow this to happen as its supervisors stay in constant communication with its client's management staff as well as its officers to ensure the quality of service is at a level the industry has lacking for too long. “Protection Through Professionalism”, is not just the slogan, it is the foundation on which the entire company protocol is based.


The mission of Nashville Security Agency is to provide outstanding security consulting and personal protection to its clients through professional security practices.

Traditional Services

    • Apartment Complex Security
    • Restaurant Security
    • Hotel/Motel Security
    • Shopping Center/Plaza Security
    • Church Security
    • Storage Facility Security
    • Uniformed and Plain Clothes Security
    • Transport Valuables/Currency
    • Workplace Violence
    • Answer alarm calls at any business.

Top Reasons to Hire a Security Guard:

    • Reduces Business Costs by Reducing Operating Expenses for The Business
    • Reduces Insurance Premium
    • Prevents Crimes such as Theft, Vandalism, Vehicle Theft and Break-Ins and Unruly Individuals
    • Security Helps Draw Costumers
    • Increases Sense of Security for Employees and Customers
    • Helps Develop a Good Reputation for the Business
    • Provides Assistance in any Emergency
    • Good Costumer Service
    • Reliable Witness to Assist With Prosecution of Criminals
    • Reduces Business Liability
    • Escorting Costumers and Employees




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